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Sinkholes are a nightmare, especially for the people living in Florida. The state of Florida has been hit by the largest number of sinkholes in all of America. This makes the state highly susceptible to probable sinkholes. Thanks to sinkhole insurance in Lake Alfred, Florida, the people of Florida can recover the damages caused by sinkholes.

Sinkholes, giant or small, can wreak havoc. They damage the foundation of the house and make it unable to live in. Even small sinkholes can lead to cracking of the walls and make the floors and ceiling uneven. This can lead to accidents and may cause your property to collapse. Since your home is the biggest investment you make in your life, it is best to protect it against possible sinkhole damage by getting sinkhole insurance in Lake Alfred, Florida.

If you recently moved to Lake Alfred, Florida, then you must do your homework before moving into any property. In this article, we have explained in detail what sinkholes are and what are their types and causes. This will help you understand the enormity of the risk and how to take precautions against it.

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Let’s begin with what sinkholes actually are what causes them.

What Is a Sinkhole?

Sinkholes are common all over the world. However, some places are more susceptible to sinkholes than in other areas. The state of Florida is one of these areas.

Sinkholes are naturally occurring depressions and holes in the earth’s crust. Most of the time, they are not visible to the naked eye. This makes them very dangerous as one never knows if their property rests on a possible sinkhole. This is why they lead to unexpected and great losses. Even entire homes can be engulfed by a big sinkhole. Smaller sinkholes can cause structural damage to your property, which also costs a lot to repair. Then, there is also the impending risk of another sinkhole striking your property and causing damage again.

Sinkholes are a common occurrence in Florida. In fact, the state of Florida has the largest reported sinkhole formations in all of the U.S. This means that if you are moving anywhere in Florida or live in Florida, then you should consider getting sinkhole insurance. Sinkhole insurance in Lake Alfred, Florida, can protect you against all the financial losses that you have to face in case a sinkhole hits your property.

There are different types of sinkholes. Let’s take a look at these.

Types of Sinkholes

Cover Collapse Sinkhole

Cover collapse sinkholes develop as a result of a thick layer of mud covering the base of the earth. This foundation erodes over time, exposing the rocky areas underneath and around it. This rocky layer starts to form cracks in the earth’s crust. This leads to the formation of many weak points in the strata layer of the earth’s crust. It also leads to the cracking of the bedrock foundation. Over time, these rocks and cracks form a massive hole inside the earth’s crust. The crust is unable to bear the weight of all these cracks and rocks. The surface over these rocks collapses, forming a sinkhole.

Solution Sinkhole

Solution sinkholes are common in areas that have a thin layer of soil. Constant waster erosion in these areas of the earth leads to the exposure of the bedrock underneath. The constant flowing of water through these rocks breaks down the rocks or cause cracks in them. With time, a depression develops underground, which eventually takes the shape of a sinkhole.

A sinkhole formed due to this phenomenon is usually bowl-shaped. It has a wide width. These sinkholes usually don’t come with any prior warning signs. The earth collapses suddenly, leading to severe damage to the property. It is important to get sinkhole insurance in Lake Alfred, Florida, especially in the areas that have seen the formation of such sinkholes before.

Cover Subsidence Sinkholes

Cover subsidence sinkholes are developed over time. These are common in the areas where the earth’s soil, rocks, and other materials are not woven together well. Soil comprising of high quantities of clay or sand are more susceptible to the formation of cover subsidence sinkholes. Once the base starts eroding, clay and sand start to spread through the holes and cracks in the soil. It eventually settles down in these areas. The soil surface in these areas starts to weaken and the soil structure underneath becomes hollow. This leads to sudden sinkholes.

If you are moving to an area that has a high quantity of clay or sand in the soil, then it is best to get sinkhole insurance in Lake Alfred, Florida. This will protect you against the damage caused by cover subsidence sinkholes.

Now that you know the different types of sinkholes, let’s find out what causes sinkholes.

Causes of Sinkholes

There are many natural and manmade causes of sinkhole formation. Most of these causes are unpredictable, but they can lead to serious and severe sinkholes, which can cause havoc and destroy your property. Let’s take a look at the manmade and natural causes of sinkhole formation.

Natural Causes of Sinkhole Formation

Sinkholes commonly occur after natural disasters. These include earthquakes, excess groundwater, and soil erosion at the earth’s surface. Excessive rains and flooding can also damage the upper layer of the earth, which can lead to sinkholes. What is surprising is that even severe drought can cause sinkholes. This is because excessive drought can lead to cracking of the soil and rocks, which makes the earth’s surface highly susceptible to the formation of sinkholes.

Erosion is the most common reason for sinkhole formation. Most of the areas where sinkholes occur commonly show signs of erosion.

Manmade Causes of Sinkhole Formation

Manmade causes also lead to the formation of sinkholes. These are caused due to the changes in the earth’s crust due to excessive drilling and mining. Fracking or hydraulic mining causes serious damage to the layers of the soil in the earth’s crust, which leads to sinkholes. Sinkholes are also common near coal mines where there is excessive drilling. All these things change the soil level and lead to the formation of cracks in the rocks. This causes holes and depressions in the soil, which then lead to sinkholes.

As mentioned before, the state of Florida is at high risk for sinkhole occurrence. Therefore, it is suggested that people living in Florida or moving to Florida in the near future must consider getting sinkhole insurance in Lake Alfred, Florida.

Should You Get Sinkhole Insurance in Lake Alfred, Florida?

Yes, you must get insurance against sinkhole damage. Sinkholes, big or small, can cause extensive damage to your property. Even if they don’t swallow up your entire property, they will ruin the foundation of your house. You will notice an abundance of cracks in the walls and ceilings. The floors will also become sloppy and uneven. All these damages require a lot of finance to be repaired or replaced. A normal homeowner is not able to bear the burden of these damages. This is where sinkhole insurance in Lake Alfred, Florida, comes into play.

If you have sinkhole insurance, your insurance company will cover the damages caused by sinkholes. It is important to keep in mind that normal home insurance in Florida does not include sinkhole insurance. You will need to get it separately. You will also have to pay premiums over your normal home insurance if you decide to get sinkhole insurance. However, it will be worth the cost.

You can extend your sinkhole insurance plan to also include coverage against damages caused to your assets and vehicles in addition to your property. It will cost you more than the regular sinkhole insurance. Decide on how much you can afford and then pick an insurance plan that suits your needs and falls under your budget.

Whichever plan you decide to choose, make sure you understand its terms and conditions thoroughly. Ask as many questions as you may have in mind. Ask the insurance company about the extent of coverage and the things that are covered under this sinkhole insurance plan.

Remember, you cannot predict whether a sinkhole will destroy your property in Lake Alfred, Florida or not. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry.

When you are buying sinkhole insurance in Lake Alfred, Florida, look around and ask for recommendations. You will find plenty of insurance companies offering different insurance plans. Pick the one that offers great coverage and is affordable. This will keep you and your property protected against any probable damage caused by sinkholes. Make sure you only choose a reputable insurance company so that you don’t have to wait too long to get coverage against the damages caused by a sinkhole at your property.

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