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Sinkholes are as scary as they sound. Imagine a giant hole in the ground swallowing up your entire property in an instant. It sounds terrifying, right?

Many people in the U.S. have faced such situations where their entire homes were engulfed by sinkholes. Imagine the extent of damage to the property and the cost they have had to bear to repair their property. Sinkholes not only damage property but also decrease its value. You will not be able to sell off the property once people know that the area is prone to sinkholes.

People living in the state of Florida have long been facing the issue of sinkholes. In fact, this state faces the largest number of sinkholes in the U.S. If you are planning to move to Florida or are already here, then you should consider getting sinkhole insurance in Fort Meade, Florida. This will protect you against the financial damages caused by sinkholes.

Natural disasters are uncontrollable and can occur at any time. Some areas of the state are more prone to sinkholes than others. However, you never really know when or where a sinkhole may form. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry and get sinkhole insurance in Fort Meade, Florida. This way, you will be able to recover the cost of damages and repairs that you will have to bear in case a sinkhole forms at your property and damages it.

Sinkhole Insurance in Fort Meade, Florida

Just like other cities of Florida, Fort Meade is also at a high risk of sinkholes. We have seen many instances where sinkholes emerged out of nowhere and damaged properties beyond repair. People without sinkhole insurance were unable to recover the cost of damages. They were also not able to repair their properties and ultimately had to move.

It is important to note that even smaller sinkholes can damage your property. Cracks appear in the walls and the entire foundation of the property is shaken. The flooring and ceiling will become uneven and  the house will feel unbalanced. Living in such property without repairing it can lead to serious safety hazards. You never know when the ceiling or walls may collapse as the entire foundation is affected by a sinkhole. Therefore, you should either get the property repaired or simply move out of the house.

In the state of Florida, regular home insurance does not include sinkhole insurance. Therefore, you need to get it separately. You will need to pay a premium for this insurance, but it will be worth it. It will provide shelter to your property against any unpredicted ground collapse and the damages it can cause to your property.

If you are opting for sinkhole insurance in Fort Meade, Florida, then here are the things that you must know.

Ground Collapse vs. Sinkhole

Catastrophic ground collapse and sinkhole are two different things when it comes to sinkhole insurance. You must be able to differentiate between the two before getting any insurance. Sinkholes are not a common occurrence; thus, many people don’t understand the phenomenon. However, just not understanding it doesn’t mean that you have to bear the expenses of this calamity if it causes havoc at your property.

Sinkholes occur because of three main reasons:

  1. Sinkholes form slowly over time due to changes in the earth’s surface. This is caused by the gradual movements that the surface of the earth undergoes over time. These small and unnoticeable changes can lead to serious, deeper and bigger sinkholes.
  2. Sinkholes may also be formed slowly due to changes in the pressure and level of underground water. These differing water levels cause changes in the earth’s surface and cause the ground to collapse. These sinkholes are commonly known as collapse sinkholes as they cause the ground to collapse at once.
  3. Another form of sinkholes is the one that is caused by the shrinkage of clay in the earth’s crust. The amount of annual rainfall controls these sinkholes and their occurrence and frequency vary from season to season. These are commonly known as clay shrinkage sinkholes.

Sinkholes have become a common phenomenon in Florida due to a change in climate over the years. The state receives a high amount of rainfall each year, which adds to the threat. The majority of the sinkholes in Florida are caused due to the unfilled gaps present in the limestone in the earth’s surface. This causes the earth’s sediment to collapse, causing sinkholes. Sinkholes in Florida are also common because of changing water pressure underground.

Catastrophic ground collapse, one the other hand, is different from sinkholes. Here are the salient features of catastrophic ground collapse.

  • A sudden collapse of the ground
  • Depressions in the ground that can be easily seen by a naked eye
  • Structural or foundational damage to a building

Catastrophic ground collapse is covered by most home insurance policies. However, for sinkhole coverage, you will specifically need to get sinkhole insurance in Fort Meade, Florida. This is different from regular home insurance. You will have to pay an extra amount to get this insurance, but it is worth it considering the damages that a sinkhole can cause to your property.

Why Do You Need Sinkhole Insurance in Fort Meade, Florida?

Sinkhole insurance covers all damages that may be caused by sinkholes. If you live in Florida, then you must consider getting sinkhole insurance as sinkholes are common in the state. Don’t think that your regular home insurance will come in handy in case of sinkholes. You need to get sinkhole insurance in Fort Meade, Florida, in addition to home insurance.

Here are some reasons why you must consider getting sinkhole insurance if you live in Florida.

1.     Sinkholes Can Cause Extensive Damage

Sinkholes, big or small, can cause havoc to your property. They not only cause serious damage to the foundation of your house but in severe cases, they may engulf your entire property. Just thinking about sinkholes and the damage they can cause to your property is scary.

Shallow sinkholes are also common in Florida. This damages the structure of your house and also the ground around it. From sagging to cracks and uneven floors, you will find most of your property bearing the signs of damage. Sinkholes also weaken the foundation of your house. This means that your property is not safe to live in once it has been hit by a sinkhole. You will need to evacuate the property until it is inspected and repaired.

The cost of these damages is huge and a normal homeowner in Florida is unable to bear the cost of these damages. This is why experts suggest that you should get sinkhole insurance in Fort Meade, Florida. It will help you pay for the damages caused by sinkholes and will also cover you if you need money to repair your property.


2.     Natural Disasters May Occur Anytime

If you live in Florida, you are at constant risk of being hit by a sinkhole. Unlike other calamities, sinkholes don’t come with a lot of warning signs. They can occur anywhere in the state and at any time. This makes them the most dangerous kind of natural disaster as you are not able to take proactive measures. They can hit your property anytime, and you don’t really have a lot of time to protect your belongings and assets.

Thanks to sinkhole insurance, you can at least recover the cost of damages caused by sinkholes. It protects you against all the damages that are caused by sinkholes that normal home insurance doesn’t cover. Sinkhole insurance will give you peace of mind that at least you will not have to bear the financial burden of the damages even if a sinkhole damages your property.


3.     It Is Worth the Cost

As mentioned before, sinkhole insurance in Fort Meade, Florida, will cost you additional money, but it will be worth the cost. The premium you have to pay for sinkhole insurance is much higher than other forms of insurance, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Remember, sinkholes not only damage your property but also affect its overall value. You will not be able to sell your house at the price you want even if it has been repaired after a sinkhole. Sinkhole insurance acts as a shield for your property. You will not need to get any financial help from anyone. You won’t have to go to banks for loans. Your insurance company will take care of the finances you need to repair your property.

The risk of sinkholes in Florida is rising because of changes in climatic conditions and in the structure of the earth. Therefore, it is best to keep yourself and your property protected against all the damages caused by sinkholes. Get sinkhole insurance in Fort Meade, Florida, and protect your property and assets against sinkhole damage.

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