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What Is Sinkhole Insurance?

Many business or homeowners buy insurance policies that provide special packages for sinkhole coverage. But does your insurance policy cover it? You’ll have to look into it right away. As sinkhole insurance in Eagle Lake Florida experts, we know that If your insurance doesn’t cover sinkhole damage, you will not receive any reimbursement for your expenses if your house or company is ruined by a sinkhole. Basically, it is a rule that many homeowners insurance companies follow. This is a financial issue that most homeowners are unable to cope with.

Vehicles also need coverage.  You can opt for full coverage and have your vehicles covered too .

What Things Sinkhole Insurance in Eagle Lake Florida Covers?

Sinkhole insurance will compensate for the damage caused by a sinkhole. It will offer compensation to your house or business, private property, and your possessions that are kept inside in the home or building.

Make sure you have enough insurance to fully repair if the sinkhole totally destroys your house or your company

How Much Does a Good Sinkhole Insurance Policy Cost?

If you live in Texas, Florida or in another area which is prone to sinkholes, sinkhole insurance can be valuable, although somewhat expensive.

Sinkhole coverage in Pennsylvania and Florida, the two main states for sinkholes may be costly although coverage may be cheaper in less active areas. Several areas in Florida with sinkhole records require annual premiums of $2,100 to protect the property from the potential damage caused by a sinkhole. This is above the average insurance premium of the homeowner, which is $1,991.

If you have been looking for sinkhole insurance in Eagle Lake Florida in the past, you know how difficult that is.  This has changed, and now a great solution is available for homeowners that are looking for sinkhole insurance in Eagle Lake Florida.  Please call us at 407-344-1228 or email us at [email protected] to get a FREE consultation and estimate on a new sinkhole insurance solution that is available for homeowners in Eagle Lake Florida.

Can You Predict a Sinkhole?

Not really. Sure, in urban areas, there are warning signs that can alert you, but often time even those are not pretty obvious.

Windows, gates and doors that are not properly closed and cracks in a building’s foundations are indications that can be detected in some cases by ground movement. But it’s not easy to pin these things to a possible sinkhole.

How Can You Detect a Sinkhole in Your Property?

Those who live in areas where sinkholes are common should look for signs of ground movement. Some of these signs include:

  • Doors and windows which are eventually becoming harder to open or shut
  • Deep cracks in driveways, outdoor walkways, streets and roads near to your house
  • Depressions in the surrounding areas of your home or your yard
  • Unusual soil or pollutants in your drinking water
  • Cracks between windows and doors

What Is a Sinkhole?

Sinkholes result when the underground water supplies melt down rock or stones. When the rock under the soil collapses, deep holes are formed.

A drought or falling water tables, accompanied by unexpected rain, can also lead to sinkholes. Droughts usually cause tables of groundwater to drop, and places that were once fully submerged within water which help sustain the foundation become weak and collapse.

Sinkholes may  also be the result of excessive mining, drilling, heavy traffic and construction. We all have heard of horrifying stories about sinkholes — the guy in Florida who was swallowed up entirely while he was asleep in 2013, and so many people who have disappeared entirely while walking down the street.

It is frightening to realize that the same thing can happen in real life with you or anyone you love. Imagine one second you are standing on the solid ground and the next you’re falling down in to a deep hole! These sinkholes suddenly open up, without any signs of what’s about to happen, leaving the other person helpless and clueless.

It may seem difficult to understand how such a hole could appear without warning, but it is, in reality very basic. Let’s find out more about them.

Different Types of Sinkholes

·      Cover Collapse Sinkhole

Such type of sinkholes develop when a thick layer of mud and soil cover the foundation of the earth. When the foundation starts to erode, the rocky areas around it begin to form cracks. When this occurs, numerous weak points develop in the layers of the strata and the soil above the foundation or bedrock. Eventually, it comes to a point when the weak areas or spots take the shape of a massive hole inside the foundation that cannot bear the weight over it. The surface then collapses.

·      Solution Sinkhole

Solution sinkholes are most often seen in spots or areas that have a really thin base layer of the soil, which exposes the bedrock below to constant water erosion. When the water flows through the stone, it takes with its small portions of the rock. The foundation then erodes. Over an amount of time, a moderate depression develops at that level which results in the formation of a hole.

Typically, the hole is bowl-shaped with a wide width. Sometimes the foundation can suddenly collapse to establish such a sinkhole solution, and the other times it occurs gradually.

·      Cover Subsidence Sinkhole

In this scenario, the hole is developed over a period of time. The base here is covered with soil and other materials which are not well woven together. This hole is usually found in areas that have soil comprising largely of sand or clay.

Once the foundation starts to erode, the sand or clay begins to spread through the cracks and holes, and settles into the areas left behind. With the passage of time, this creates a hollow on the soil’s surface and not beneath it.

What Causes Sinkholes?

A number of unpredictable causes can occur sinkholes. Some of them are created by man and some of them completely natural.

Man-made Causes of Sinkholes:

Sinkholes are most commonly caused by human-made powers that damage the underground layers. Excessive mining, construction, drilling and even heavy traffic are some common causes which result in sinkholes.  Most people suspect that hydraulic fracture mining, also known as fracking, may have this effect aswell. The mine subsidence in inactive coal mines where some establishment has taken place can also cause these disasters.

Natural Causes of Sinkholes:

The after-effects of natural disasters such as earthquakes, the emergence of excess groundwater or erosions in the surface of the earth are all the things that can lead to sinkholes. Although excessive flooding and rains may cause all these disasters at times, there is some proof that a similar effect can be achieved by severe droughts as well.

This shows that natural sinkholes generally indicate early erosion signs.

What Are the Effects of Sinkholes?

The impact of a sinkhole largely depends on where and how it was developed. Natural sinkholes can develop in the ocean and on the land both. They can divert underground water flows and change the general topography of the area as they are formed on the land.

They can cause a great deal of damage to human life and property if they suddenly form in areas with a large population. Did you know that a leaking underground drain can also result in forming a hole?

Sinkholes can be extremely dangerous for the foundations of any building. Underground toxic chemicals can arise and may contaminate the groundwater. Sinkholes are common in Florida because the region has numerous deep underground voids and sewer systems sculpted from carbonate rocks.

Natural sinkholes cannot be avoided because they are bound to happen. This means no one can control them. Nonetheless, the ones caused because of our incompetence can be stopped or prevented.

The Endnote

If you’re concerned about the possible occurrence of a sinkhole in your building, your local government may help you learn more about what your options are. Many states have local DNR websites that can help you in obtaining information about sinkholes and the land in your state.

Call the professionals for help if you suspect a sinkhole in your property, especially when you live in a state where sinkholes are quite common. You will find many sinkhole remediation and repair experts online in your state. Moreover, if you live in Florida and you want to prevent your property from sinkhole damage, you must opt for sinkhole insurance in Eagle Lake Florida.

Please call us at 407-344-1228 or email us at [email protected] to get a FREE consultation and estimate on a new sinkhole insurance solution that is available for homeowners in Eagle Lake Florida.

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