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If you live in Florida, then you must be aware of the ever-impending risk that sinkholes possess. You must have also heard tales of sinkhole occurrences in your area or somewhere nearby. This is because the state of Florida experiences the largest number of sinkholes in all of America.

Sinkholes can be deadly. Whether big or small, they pose a serious threat to not only your property and assets but also your life. The risk of sinkholes in Florida is increasing because of climate changes, natural disasters and many manmade factors. The imminent threat to the property and assets makes homeowners in Florida get sinkhole insurance in Dundee, Florida.

This protects them against the financial burden that comes with the cost of inspection, repairs and replacements in case a sinkhole forms at their property.

It is important to note that the normal home insurance in Florida does not include sinkhole insurance. You have to get it separately and pay a premium over normal home insurance. It may sound costly but it’s worth it as it protects you from all kinds of financial burdens if you are hit by a sinkhole.

Types of Sinkholes

Sinkholes are basically divided into three different types. Let’s take a look at each of them to find out the cause of these sinkholes and the potential damage that they can cause.

1.     Dissolution Sinkholes

The most commonly found sinkholes in Florida are dissolution sinkholes. These sinkholes are common in areas that have a thin layer of soil covering the earth. The thin soil layer exposes the bedrock to erosion. Water gets in the hollow gaps and changes the contents of the soil. This can lead to the formation of sinkholes.

The constant water pressure leads to small holes or depression. These small holes develop into bigger ones overtime. The ground over these holes can collapse anytime causing extensive damage. With sinkhole insurance in Dundee, Florida, you will be able to recover the cost of damages from dissolution sinkholes.

2.     Cover Subsidence Sinkholes

Cover subsidence sinkholes develop over time. These are common in the areas where the earth’s soil, rocks, and other materials are not woven together well. Soil comprising of high quantities of clay or sand are more susceptible to the formation of cover subsidence sinkholes. Once the base start eroding, clay and sand start spreading through the holes and cracks in the soil. It eventually settles down in these areas. The soil surface in these areas starts to weaken and the soil structure underneath becomes hollow. This leads to sudden sinkholes.

If you’re moving to an area that has a high quantity of clay or sand in the soil, then it is best to get sinkhole insurance in Dundee, Florida. This will protect you against the damage caused by cover subsidence sinkholes.

3.     Cover Collapse Sinkholes

Another common type of sinkholes in Florida is cover collapse sinkholes. These are considered to be the most dangerous types of sinkholes as they can appear anytime and anywhere without any warning signs. Cover collapse sinkholes develop as a result of a thick layer of mud covering the base of the earth. This foundation erodes over time exposing the rocky areas underneath and around it. This rocky layer starts to form cracks in the earth’s crust. This leads to the formation of many weak points in the strata layer of the earth’s crust. It also leads to the cracking of the bedrock foundation. Over time, these rocks and cracks form a massive hole inside the earth’s crust. The crust is unable to bear the weight of all these cracks and rocks. The surface over these rocks collapses forming a sinkhole.

These sinkholes cause sudden collapse of your property and can lead to extensive damage. It is best to get sinkhole insurance in Dundee, Florida to protect your property against any damages that may be caused due to these sinkholes.

What Causes Sinkholes?

Sinkholes can be caused by natural and manmade causes. They develop overtime.

Manmade Causes

Sinkholes can be a result of what we do human induced as they appear due to improper land-use practices, including groundwater pumping, construction or other forms of development on the land. These practices include drilling, mining and even excessive traffic and they cause a change in the existing patterns of water drainage and diversion. Industrial or storage ponds are another cause of sinkholes.

Natural Causes

Natural calamities are not just catastrophic when they happen, but they also leave behind other dangers. Earthquakes, erosion and excess groundwater are one of the major causes of natural sinkholes. Other than earthquakes, torrential rains and flashfloods may also form sinkholes in the ground.

Why Get Sinkhole Insurance in Dundee, Florida?

Sinkhole insurance covers damages to your business or personal property. It also covers damages to your personal belongings inside the property if they are also damaged as a result of a sinkhole. A small sinkhole is enough to damage the structure of a building and a major one can swallow up the entire property. Therefore, it is best to get sinkhole coverage so that any damages caused by sinkhole are covered.

You should have enough coverage that allows you to completely rebuild your property in case it is completely destroyed. Wide coverage will include preventive measures in the property necessary to prevent any further damage to the property in case of another sinkhole. These preventive measures include things like structural bracing.

Sinkholes Lead to Costly Damages

Sinkholes can sink your entire property. The bigger and deeper ones are the most dangerous but even smaller ones can lead to costly damage. Sinkholes can destroy the structure of your building and shake the foundation. You will notice cracks in the walls just like it happens after an earthquake hits the area. The foundation may partially or completely sag. The entire ground surface is weakened which makes the building uninhabitable.

Most of the families are not able to bear the financial burden of repairing and rebuilding the property. Therefore, it is best to get sinkhole insurance in Dundee, Florida so that any such damages are covered and you don’t have to pay out of your pocket to repair or rebuild your property again.

Sinkholes Can Form Anytime

Sinkholes are common in Florida but you never really know when one will form on your property. They are unforeseeable and unexpected. While you cannot do anything to stop them from forming, you can get sinkhole insurance in Dundee, Florida so that the damages are covered. If you don’t want to bear the financial burden of sinkhole formation at your property, then you must get insurance against it.

Climate Changes are Increasing the Instances of Sinkholes

The number of sinkhole occurrences in Florida is rising each year and so are the insurance claims. There are many reasons for this. From natural causes to manmade ones, sinkholes are becoming increasingly common, especially in Florida. But there isn’t much one can do about it.

The only thing that can be done is to get sinkhole insurance in Dundee, Florida to protect yourself against the damages caused by sinkhole formation at your property. If you are buying a property in Dundee or any other place in Florida, then you must consider getting sinkhole insurance. It will protect you from the financial burden of repairing and/or rebuilding your property if it is damaged during sinkhole occurrence.

The Final Word

If you have sinkhole insurance, your insurance company will cover the damages caused by sinkholes. It is important to keep in mind that normal home insurance in Florida does not include sinkhole insurance. You will need to get it separately. You will also have to pay premiums over your normal home insurance if you decide to get sinkhole insurance. However, it is worth the cost.

You can extend your sinkhole insurance plan to also include coverage against damages caused to your assets and vehicles in addition to your property. It will cost you more than the regular sinkhole insurance. Decide on how much you can afford and then pick an insurance plan that suits your needs and fits into your budget.

Whichever plan you decide to choose, make sure you understand its terms and conditions thoroughly. Ask as many questions as you may have in mind. Ask the insurance company about the extent of coverage and the things that are covered under this sinkhole insurance plan.

Sinkholes can be catastrophic. They cause severe damage to your property. Even if they don’t cause much apparent damage, the structural damage to your property can be troublesome. Thus, if you live in Dundee, then you must consider getting sinkhole insurance. The risk of sinkholes is rising every passing day because of a number of natural and artificial factors. We hear news about their occurrence every now and then. Check the statistics of your area and you will figure out how important it is to get sinkhole insurance in Dundee, Florida.

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