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Do you know that about 40% of the land in the US is at risk for sinkholes?

Yes, you read that right!

We hear about a lot of giant sinkholes in the news. However, many smaller sinkholes can prove to be as costly as the bigger ones. In fact, smaller sinkholes affect the homeowners the most. Homeowners spend a lot of money on their vehicles and homes. They have insurance policies to protect their homes and assets against damage. However, most of these insurances include sinkhole insurance in Auburndale, Florida.

As insurance brokers we know how difficult it is to get sinkhole insurance in Auburndale, Florida.  To get sinkhole insurance please call us at 407-344-1228, or email us at [email protected]

Sinkholes are well-known to destroy homes and properties. But since they aren’t that common, most of the homeowners don’t think about getting one. One has to keep in mind that sinkholes can be really dangerous and can damage property and assets. They are unpredictable but not that uncommon, especially in Florida. Thus, it is best to protect your property, assets, and life via sinkhole insurance in Auburndale, Florida.

Facts about Sinkholes in America

  • Florida has faced the largest number of sinkholes in America.
  • Sinkhole insurance purchase is guaranteed in Florida.
  • Devil’s Sinkhole in Rocksprings, Texas, is the largest sinkhole in the US. It is 50 feet deep and has a 50-feet wide opening.

All these facts indicate how important it is to get sinkhole insurance, especially if you reside in Florida. It protects you and your family against any damages caused by sinkholes.

What Is a Sinkhole?

Sinkholes are naturally occurring holes or depressions in the earth’s crust. They occur all over the world, but are more common in some areas. They are a result of manmade and natural causes. Sinkholes can swallow everything in their reach. From cars to homes and even complete roadways, everything can disappear within seconds if a sinkhole is formed. The worst thing about sinkholes is that they are barely visible. However, they lead to catastrophic destruction.

Some sinkholes are sudden, while others occur over time. They are disastrous and can damage property and assets. A ground-shift of even a couple of inches can be severely damaging for buildings. They may be declared unsafe to inhabit again unless they are completely repaired.

As mentioned before, sinkholes may be caused by natural or manmade causes. They may be the aftereffects of erosions, earthquakes or excess groundwater. They are also caused by flooding or excessive rains. However, extreme droughts may also cause sinkholes. Heavy construction, mining, drilling or even too much heavy traffic are manmade causes of sinkholes.

Sinkholes are sudden and one does not get enough time to protect their homes and assets. Thus, it is best to get sinkhole insurance in Auburndale, Florida. This will protect your property against any damages caused by sinkholes. The damages may be small or extensive, depending on the intensity of the sinkholes.

Sinkhole Insurance – Everything You Need to Know

Sinkhole insurance covers the damages caused by a sinkhole. There are many business and home insurance policies that offer additional sinkhole coverage. Just buying a basic home or business insurance doesn’t include sinkhole coverage. This means that with a normal insurance policy, any damages caused to your property due to sinkholes will not be covered. Simply put, you will get no compensation for the losses.

Keep in mind that sinkholes cause extensive damage to properties and it can be a great financial hit that most families are unable to bear.

You can also get sinkhole insurance coverage for your vehicles. This way, you will be able to get compensation in case the sinkhole causes damage to your vehicle. You will need comprehensive sinkhole insurance in Auburndale, Florida, in this case.

What Does Sinkhole Insurance in Auburndale, Florida, Include?

Sinkhole insurance covers damages to your business or personal property. It also covers damages to your personal belongings inside the property if they are also damaged as a result of a sinkhole. A small sinkhole is enough to damage the structure of a building, and a major one can swallow up the entire property. Therefore, it is best to get sinkhole coverage so that any damages caused by sinkhole are covered.

You should have enough coverage that allows you to completely rebuild your property in case it is completely destroyed. Wide coverage will include preventive measures to prevent any further damage to the property in case of another sinkhole. These preventive measures include things like structural bracing.

It is important to read and understand your sinkhole insurance policy before signing it. Ask the insurance provider about any questions you may have in mind. Make sure you get maximum coverage so that you are compensated in case of an impending sinkhole.

Who Needs Sinkhole Insurance in Auburndale, Florida?

Some areas of the US are more susceptible to sinkholes than other areas. Florida is one of the main areas where sinkholes occurrence is common. Other areas include Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Alabama. If you live in any of these areas, then you must consider getting sinkhole insurance. Areas where sinkholes are common offer this additional coverage for nominal rates. Thus, it is best to be safe than sorry. Get yourself sinkhole insurance to ensure that you, your property and assets, and your personal belongings are covered.

You should definitely get sinkhole insurance if you reside in areas that are built over old coal mines. Mine subsidence is one of the most common reasons for the occurrence of sinkholes. Old coal mines lead to major depressions when they collapse. Some sinkhole insurances do not cover damages that are caused as a result of mine subsidence. You will need a separate mine subsidence insurance policy in this case. If your area has the issue of mine subsidence, then you should opt for insurance that covers this aspect as well.

What Should You Do If You Have Sinkhole Insurance?

First things first, you must ensure that you and your loved ones are safe. Evacuate the property immediately if you notice any signs of a sinkhole. The next step is to call your insurance company and report the occurrence of the sinkhole. Also, report this occurrence to your city’s building inspection department.

Make sure you cordon off the area of the sinkhole or damaged property to warn others about the dangers. Try to keep off the damaged property and land until authorities arrive. Remember, you can be held responsible if someone gets injured on your property. Therefore, you must keep everyone away from the property by displaying warning signs.

If you are covered by sinkhole insurance in Auburndale, Florida, the insurance company will resort to geological testing. They will find out and establish if the damage was really caused by a sinkhole or not. Once it is confirmed that the damage was caused by a sinkhole, the insurance company will pay you for any testing and repairs that need to be done on your property.

Should You Get Sinkhole Insurance in Auburndale, Florida?

Yes, definitely. Since Florida is one of the most susceptible areas for the occurrence of sinkholes, it is best that you get yourself the coverage. Any damages to your property and assets will be covered under this insurance and you will be compensated. This will help you rebuild your property and assets and you don’t have to keep living in a damaged structure that may be a threat to you and your family’s safety.

Sinkhole insurance in Auburndale, Florida, works like other forms of insurances but can cost a lot more. This is because the insurance companies understand the extent of damage that can be caused by sinkholes. However, sinkhole insurance is definitely worth the cost. The yearly sinkhole damages cost millions of dollars. This tells us a lot about why you should consider getting one for your property.

Sinkholes can be catastrophic. They cause severe damage to your property. Even if they don’t cause much apparent damage, the structural damage to your property can be troublesome. Thus, if you live in Auburndale, then you must consider getting sinkhole insurance. The risk of sinkholes is rising every passing day because of a number of natural and artificial factors. We hear news about their occurrence every now and then. Check the statistics of your area and you will figure out how important it is to get this insurance.

Get sinkhole insurance coverage even if it costs more than your normal coverage. It is for your own safety and protection and will keep you financially safe in case a sinkhole decides to wreak havoc on your property. Make sure you choose the best company offering sinkhole insurance in Auburndale, Florida. Read the terms and clauses of the insurance coverage thoroughly before signing anything. This way, you will know what you are signing up for.

As insurance brokers we know how difficult it is to get sinkhole insurance in Auburndale, Florida.  To get sinkhole insurance please call us at 407-344-1228, or email us at [email protected]

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