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As retirement plan advisors in Kissimmee, FL we know that these are some of the broadly defined phases of life for every individual. Now childhood and teenage are 2 phases which we often have little control over. However, it is in the last vestiges of teenage that we begin to have a proper understanding and control of ourselves, our personality, our identity, and our aims and dreams. Thus, bumbling and fumbling through the first two phases of life, as we attempt to find our way and path in life, is excusable. It is even excusable if you display some of that same confusion when entering adulthood.

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The same attitude is certainly not excusable when one is at the prime of their life in adulthood and certainly not when transitioning to the last one, retirement. There is no excuse for a person to not prepare themselves for when that phase finally arrives, not after having lived a life of experience and lessons in the world at large. What this rather long musing on the stages of life was meant to convey was, one should not go unprepared into the golden sunset of retirement.

Retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL are a must and a necessity if you want to spend your retirement with grace, dignity and to the fullest. That is, after all, what makes sense, right? You are an individual who has accrued years of experience and wisdom so it makes sense that when a new phase of life is starting, you will attempt to inform yourself as much as you can to better prepare yourself for it.

Jumping in blind and trying to find one’s flow naturally among the current is something that you rare beyond. Age nearing retirement is not suited for that and it is part of wisdom to accept that. You should thus make retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL or wherever you might wish to spend your retirement years.

Going without retirement plans can pose and create a significant number of problems not only for yourself but also for the individuals and family members around you. If you wish to live a fulfilling life after retirement then retirement planning is essential. Here’s all that can go wrong in case you don’t plan for retirement beforehand. 

  1. Financial Need

Without proper retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL, you may find yourself in the red or close to it with no decent amount of funds accrued or any worthwhile investments to profit off.

The purpose of retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL is to no longer having to work after a lifetime of working and rewarding yourself long after you have fulfilled your responsibilities to the society and your family. However, all of this cannot be done if you don’t have the right retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL which allowed you to save and accrue funds wisely which could continue generating income for you.

You will thus find yourself in real financial need when retired with no active source of income. The options you may be forced to take will only create more consequences and are not what ideally should be done…

  1. Working Again

As said before, retirement is supposed to be for kicking it back and relaxing after working for years on end. However, if you did not have the correct retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL in place then you may find yourself putting off retirement as you ascertain you have no idea how you will spend your time after retirement without income.

This option is not pleasing to most individuals but it will be the reality of the situation. It is more concerning is that many places refuse to hire employees who are past the age of retirement or do not pay as much. Not to mention that with age, your ability to perform and work naturally decreases so you won’t work as well or as energetically as you did before.

People in professions like teaching or politics do not really have an age of retirement and can comfortably spend ‘retirement’ age while working but that is not possible for a specialist surgeon whose tools of the trade are their hands and eyes or the physical-skilled technician. Retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL will be very important for such individuals to avoid having to enter the workforce in the senior years of their life.

  1. Burden on Family

If you do not have retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL in place which can provide a steadily generated income then you will have to rely on your relatives or children.

This varies from culture to culture since retired parents’ living with their married children is the norm in many communities and cultures. With the costs of living and particularly healthcare in the USA which will rise as age increases, this situation can quickly become a burden, especially if one child is left to maintain and service all of the needs of their parents.

This can create the mixture to have a tense family situation where conflicts are more common and resentment and friction are increased. Family life of the children and their spouses may be affected and in short, they will have to compromise on many of their own wants and needs because of having to cater for the needs of their retired parents. Thus, even if you plan to spend your retirement life with any of your children, you should have retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL in place which can help to contribute to the total income of the house and at least cover for your major expenses like healthcare.

  1. Decreased Mobility

Most people never take vacations their whole lives as they are busy in providing for their families and saving money for that car, house mortgage or their children’s education fees. Retirement is one of the few times in life where you are totally unencumbered and unattached and can take all the foreign trips you want and cross destinations off your bucket list while touring around the world and taking in what it has to offer.

To fund such ambitious traveling activities, you will need income and significant financing but without retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL in place, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to such dreams or aspirations. Even tourism and destination hopping within the country might be too much of an undertaking if the proper amount of funds is not in place to fund it.

  1. Debts

Retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL don’t just mean or include having ways of generating income after retirement. Proper retirement planning also includes ensuring all of your major debts like the car loan, house mortgage and others are all well paid off and cleared well before retirement age.

Unless you do this well before retirement age, you will find yourself in around the retirement age and with no job. You will end up spending your saved funds, if you have any, to pay debts which should have been cleared years ago. This will leave you short on finances to look after your health or to fund your dreams and aspirations for old age.

  1. Reduced Quality of Life

When we picture retirement, ideally we picture sipping on a cocktail while wearing a holiday shirt and shorts on some foreign and crystal clear blue beach.

The reality is that without proper retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL your retirement will be a far cry from that idealized dream. When people do not have the correct retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL in place, their standard and quality of life will take considerate hits due to no income to sustain them.

The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the healthcare you have access to and even the state of your house as money depletes for renovation and upkeep, everything will be affected. If by chance, a serious medical crisis occurs and you did not have an adequate old-age health insurance policy in place to cover it, it could mean anywhere from spending all of your saved funds to an early death.

  1. Downsizing Assets

At the very worst, if all sources of funds dry up and you don’t have the retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL in place to generate income, you may have to downsize and sell off assets like the car and your house. This will not only be a waste of a lifetime of work and effort but it will also mean less inheritance for your children.


In short, we see that retirement life without the proper retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL in place can be a very depressing and troubling since money is what gives us the ability to live a fulfilling life. Without money, you will become dependent and despondent and limited.

This is why having retirement plans in Kissimmee, FL or anywhere else is the requirement of the age and just a part of responsible financial and life planning.

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