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Having access to health insurance policies whether they are private or Medicare in Poinciana, Florida is essential for the US residents. This is because of the health industry and insurance industry colluding together which has astronomically raised the cost of medical checkups, procedures and appointments. To have access to proper medical and health care, it is vital to have some form of health insurance policy like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida. Without an insurance policy, whether private or Medicare in Poinciana, Florida, you cannot hope to gain access to proper care.


You will be certainly treated if you go into emergency but will end up with a hefty bill which you will be hard-pressed to pay if you don’t have access to health insurance like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida. This is because even minor prescriptions or checkups can cost hundreds of dollars and bills in the thousands are a common occurrence.

Many people do not go for private health insurance since it can be costly or it does not grant them coverage but in that case, there are state-run programs too like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida or Obamacare. If you do not even avail these options then you can face a lot of consequences and risks.

1.  Poor Health Protection

If you do not have coverage with even a state-run health insurance policy like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida then you will find your health being poorly protected. This is because, without health insurance like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida, most people do not have the funds and access to most medical centers to go to for inspections and checkups.

These inspections and checkups can catch many preventable diseases and conditions well before time and cure them before they become more troubling. Therefore, when you won’t even go to them, your overall health will drastically decrease as you will unintentionally allow undiagnosed conditions and elements to spread and grow until they reach more dangerous or incurable stages.

2.  Poor Treatment

Without health insurance like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida you cannot expect access to good treatment even if you have been diagnosed and identified with conditions and diseases. That is a sad reality of life in the USA, you might be treated in the ER but you cannot go to the ER for your daily dose of medication, prescriptions, and other treatments as recommended by your doctor.

Therefore non-insured people fall behind on their schedule of treatment and cannot avail the full extent which they should as recommended to fully treat themselves. This causes the disease to persist longer or not get eliminated, taking a greater toll on their health and body.

3.  Failing Health and Higher Mortality

Uninsured people who fail to avail state-run programs like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida are more likely to exhibit more signs of failing health than people who are insured. This is because uninsured people will not only get poorer treatment and have lower access to checkups and medical services but even when the treatment starts; it will not be of the same quality and finesse as for insured.

As an example, uninsured people are unlikely to receive dedicated outpatient care and support which is basically medical services and health care beyond the hospital and in one’s place of residence through nursing and other medical staff. Such outpatient care and support is particularly crucial for disabled or senior citizens who can’t come to the hospital for conditions like bedsores, which need daily dressings. This lack of outpatient support contributes to failing and declining health since the level of treatment to combat and reverse the deleterious effects of conditions is not provided.

Uninsured patients will also likely become hospitalized and admitted for conditions and health problems that could otherwise have been easily avoided and solved if they were caught in the nick of time by prior checkups. The combination of all these effects means that on the whole, the mortality rate for uninsured people is far higher since they just cannot access medical facilities in the same way or on the same level.

Even if admitted in hospitals, the level of care, treatment, and surveillance by the medical staff is not matched to the care provided for insured patients. It is thus vitally important from a survival standpoint to have access and coverage with at the very least state-run programs like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida .

4.  Societal Negative Impacts

Going uninsured and not availing even state offerings like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida can have wider negative consequences. These effects may go beyond you, generating significant societal costs.

There exist charitable organizations, community centers, and public hospitals which administer treatment and medical services at very nominal costs or free of cost. However, the problem arises that if too many uninsured people go to them, they will be overburdened. This is all the more problematic if those uninsured people are uninsured out of ignorance or stubbornness since it can mean a diversion of resources from those more in need of such services.

Furthermore, living in rural areas or suburban areas and small towns, a large number of the inhabitants of the area being uninsured can actively mean that healthcare for all is impacted and reduced. Rural hospitals can quickly close down when they don’t get paid by insurance companies and find patients can’t pay or default on their payments. Through no fault of their own, they will have to close down since they won’t be able to meet their expenses and costs. We can see that going without healthcare insurance like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida is an irresponsible action which can negatively affect the broader community and society apart from harming us on the individual level.

5.  Financial Troubles

By far, probably the single biggest disadvantage of going without health insurance, especially when schemes like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida exist, is putting undue pressure and burden on your financial sources.

Firstly, medical care and healthcare without health insurance to offset and cover many costs are extraordinarily expensive. They are designed that way for a reason – so people will get insurance. It is a decades-old problem that does not seem to be getting tackled any sooner. Instead, those who do not get insurance are penalized twice since no reduction or concessions are made for them and they have to pay for exorbitant costs out of pocket.

This can rapidly deplete your savings for bigger operations and procedures while leaving you with much less disposable income for other personal ventures or family life. It is a waste and completely unnecessary spending of hard-earned finance and irresponsible too.

That is, of course, if you somehow have the deep pockets to pay and if you cannot pay then that poses other financial problems and troubles for you. If you cannot pay for medical services then that can leave you with significant medical debt. Accrued for too long, this can impact and hamper you in multiple ways.

Firstly, your credit score will go down. This will make applying for loans almost impossible and you never know when trouble might come calling which might require an emergency loan. This will also impact that planned mortgage and you might not be able to secure it with medical debt on your back. A high enough medical debt can also make the process of applying for health insurance all the more difficult since by that point, most private coverage will be closed to you and they will not want to cover for a client with such immense preexisting baggage and debt.

At the worst, pile up enough medical debt and it can mean you face a lawsuit which will only further depress you in litigation and court costs or finally, jail sentencing. It is a downward spiral which does not stop thus a wise person will try everything to get at least get access to Medicare in Poinciana, Florida.

6.  Personal Life Problems

It is no stretch to imagine that the myriad of problems discussed above can all cause a whirlpool of dourness, negativity and pessimism.

Without health insurance like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida while suffering from the above consequences, you will most likely find your personal and family life going down in the dumps. This might be because of the emotional fallout from lack of treatment for family members or yourself, lack of funds to spend on the household and other necessities, resentment from family members who may be forced to provide care, finances to cover for your irresponsibility and medical debts or medical situation.

Becoming a burden on someone else is the last thing we should all want and that can easily be avoided, ensuring that our family life is blissful. All you need to do is enroll with Medicare in Poinciana, Florida.


We thus see that not applying for coverage to health insurance with even state programs like Medicare in Poinciana, Florida is not just a matter of supposedly any savings on monthly premiums. It is a matter which impacts almost every aspect of life, from your medical health to personal life to family life and the society itself.

Unless this system of medical care and health insurance is overhauled someday, it is our responsibility to have health insurance coverage, either privately or with Medicare in Poinciana, Florida.


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