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Homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL or where ever you might live is like a long term and sustaining relationship in a lot of ways. It is a professional and financial relationship that needs to be maintained and not taken advantage of. If mishandled, the relationship will break or in the case of homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL, canceled.

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You agree to pay monthly premiums to an insurance provider and they agree to bail you out and cover for the agreed upon accidental damages to your house. There are a lot of factors which go into determining whether someone is eligible for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL. Apart from that, there are certain factors that determine the price of the policy for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL.

It is not going to be a hassle-free process. Plus, your budget and finance are also in the picture as you have to regularly make monthly payments. Therefore, as a responsible homeowner, you should try to never do anything that may cause the provider of your homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL to cancel the policy, refuse coverage or drastically penalize you.

It is important to understand here that providers for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL do not operate charities. They are businesses in the operations of making profits and insurance policy relationships are a mix of risks and rewards. If they see a lot of risks in a relationship or begin to see risks developing then they will pull out and cancel.

All of this can happen anytime thus it is vital you keep yourself abreast of these reasons which can get your policy for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL revoked or canceled. Let’s take a look at few of them.

Reasons for Homeowner’s Policy Cancellation

  1. Payment Failures

Insurance operations are delicate and rely on the monthly premiums that the company receives from policyholders of homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL to stay afloat and running. That is their main source of revenue after all and that contributes to the overall sum of money from which they make coverage payments.

Failure to make timely payments or accruing them for months is a sure fire way to get your homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL canceled and revoked. That is not just the case for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL but for any subscription-based service or product which will be cut to you if you discontinue making payments on time and have accrued bills.

This will also impact your insurance ratings and scores which can make it difficult for you to find insurance even with a different provider. Your new insurance company may straight up refuse to offer you coverage after having a look at your insurance record. At best, you will find a provider willing to offer you homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL but they are likely to offer at drastically higher premiums than the norm.

2. Filing Too Many Claims

The insurance provider for your homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL is in the business for making a profit, therefore, you need to be careful about filing too many claims. There is a fine balance between knowing when to file a claim and when to let it go.

You can, in theory, file as many claims as you want but that will make you out to be a more risky client to insurance providers and if there’s one thing that they don’t like, it is risk. Your claims might even be fulfilled but you may find your homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL canceled at the end of your term and not being renewed. This is because keeping you on as a client is not profitable for the insurance company. 

It sounds unfair but that is how homeowner’s insurance operates. This means you should always consider when and where to apply for coverage. That is how you can make the best use of your policy for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL and retain it.

3. Bad Locations

You may have a longstanding and amiable relationship with a provider for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL but suppose you decide to change houses and live someplace else.

You will probably want to retain your old provider since you have found them to be trustworthy and reliable. After moving into your new house, when you go to renew the policy and update the company about the change, you find that your policy is canceled.

Why is that? What could compel an insurance provider to discard a client of such history? Now, it is not strictly necessary that your policy gets canceled or revoked but it is very much possible that your premium rates might change.

This is because some locations increase the risk of damage and disaster and are just more prone to calamitous events. Flooding, wildfires, tornadoes, storms and other weather phenomenon are all such conditions which insurance providers typically refuse to cover.

If you move house in an area that is more prone to experiencing such weather conditions then you may find your policyholder canceling their service. People who live in areas prone to wildfires can mitigate some of this risk by having their houses located near fully staffed round the clock fire stations.

4. Maintenance of House

An insurance provider for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL will want your house to stay in the best possible condition. This is not out of some misplaced sense of altruism but basic business sense. A house which is kept up to date on its repairs and maintenance represents less of a risk.

It means it won’t develop any significant problems and the structural integrity of the house will also not be hampered. In the case of any damage, it will have the ability to bear more of it instead of crumbling down, requiring the company to cover for more.

Fungus growth, water seepage, wall cracking, overgrown trees, broken windows, etc. are all such reasons why you may find your policy for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL getting revoked and not renewed when the time comes.

This holds especially true for the roof. If it presents clear leaking and structural problems then you may find your insurance cover getting outright canceled. This is because a roof in a bad enough condition will be a death trap waiting to happen, something no insurance provider will want to cover since, in the case of possible harm, it will likely incur costly roof replacement coverage as well coverage for injuries and harm.

The only way out of this sticky situation is to opt for regular maintenance to make sure no issue gets out of hand.

5. Pet Ownership

Normally pets are not a concern for insurance providers for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL but sometimes, especially if you do not discuss it with your service provider and adopt them without informing them can cause your policy to get canceled or revoked.

This is usually in the case of large pets like horses, primates and big cats or exotic pets which might be dangerous like large reptiles or venomous snakes and invertebrates.

Insurance providers are wary of providing coverage for such pet owners because such pets can readily cause damage to the house and property, thus increasing the risk and likelihood of filing claims. They can also cause harm to guests and that also doesn’t go in your favor.

This is problematic for the company covering your homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL because liability insurance offering coverage for harm to guests on your property or harm caused by pets is also a part of homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL. Therefore, make sure you always inform your policy provider before adopting a pet and bringing them to your house.

6. Credit Ratings

You need to be mindful of your credit ratings and score if you want to secure your homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL for the long run. It is not only inspected during the initial phase when the price of your overall policy is being devised but it is also checked when it’s time to renew your policy. This is because your credit behavior reflects your ability to make timely premium payments.

A bad credit history with accrued debt or long periods of keeping a debt instead of timely paying it off mean you are now a possibly troublesome client for the company. It may cancel and revoke your homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL if the risk and hassle of keeping you on is too high.

7. Structural Changes

The insurance company responsible for your homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL has a vested interest in the state and condition of your house. It is necessary to keep them in the loop about the state and condition of your house. Inform them of any possible change that you may be planning on making.

Activities like renovation, restructuring or adding features like a swimming pool, an outdoor spa, a sunroom, etc. should be carried out only after consultation with the company. Otherwise, you risk them immediately canceling your policy or not renewing it when the time comes since you failed to inform them and increased the risk for them.

8. Provider’s Suggestion

As a general rule of thumb, it is good sense to heed the advice and suggestions of your policy provider for homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL. They are in the business of inspecting, assessing, and determining the overall risks associated with not just your house but many houses. Chances are if they are recommending you to get wiring, plumbing or roofing changed, then they have a good reason for that.

If you blow them off and do not follow their suggestions or mandatory recommendations then it might very well mean you lose out on your homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL. They won’t hesitate to cancel your policy as you will become a risk for them by not working on their suggestions.

If you want to dispute it then you can negotiate and discuss it with your provider and take a second opinion from a professional.


Getting your insurance coverage canceled can cause a lot of problems for you. From being left defenseless in the case an emergency strikes to no coverage for injury, there’s a lot to worry about. Another major problem it can cause is that it can void the terms and agreement of your mortgage which most often require homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL.

If you find your homeowner’s insurance in Kissimmee, FL canceled then you should immediately file for a dispute and try to see if the company can be placated and negotiated into offering you a renewal. If that fails then you should start searching for other providers or contact the national insurance database as it is a good way to locate an insurance provider.

However, it is possible to avoid all this hassle by simply making sure that your policy never gets canceled in the first place. Keep the above-mentioned factors in mind to make sure you are always in the good books of your insurance company. You will never have to worry about your policy getting canceled again!

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