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Are you interested in knowing how you can help your clients pay off their 30 year mortgage in 15 years or less, and help them protect their mortgage from foreclosure, sudden illness or death, while you make extra income that requires ZERO extra work?

Then, read this blog or  watch the video below for more details.  Watch the video until the end to take advantage of this limited time opportunity.


Did you know that there are over 2 million active real estate agents in the USA. With so many options, why should clients choose you as their real estate professional? In any profession, the secret to success is to stand out from the crowd.

We, at Freedom Insurance Financial are here to help you get that competitive advantage over other real estate professionals, while helping you make additional income in the process, and even help you use this additional income to secure your own TAX FREE retirement plan.

The best part about our unique strategy that helps you become the real estate agent that everyone will want to work with, and make you extra income, is that it requires zero extra work from you.

That’s right.  Zero extra work.

How is that possible? Let us explain.

At Freedom Insurance Financial, we are a full-service insurance and financial planning brokerage firm that has access to leading insurance, financial and investment solutions for businesses and individuals.

Our firm has access to an innovative financial product, that in the past, was only reserved for the ultra-wealthy as one of the best life insurance and retirement savings solution on the market. Our vast experience and knowledge have allowed us to use the unique benefits of this product to offer all your real estate clients a realistic and achievable way to:

Pay off their home mortgage early

Protect their mortgage against unexpected illness or injury

Get protection against foreclosure

Access to extra funds for remodeling or to buy another home

And many other benefits.

Once again, because of our vast experience and knowledge, we have been able to create a unique solution that is accessible to everyone, and not just the super rich.

Let’s look at an example of how our solution works.

Meet Danny.  He is your new home buyer client.  Danny is 30 years old with a wife and kids.  He is buying a home with a sales price of $275,000. He gave a 20% deposit, so now his 30 year mortgage has a balance of $220,000.  In order to pay his mortgage off in 20 years, Danny would need to make an additional monthly payment of approximately $445 a month to the mortgage company.  This extra $445 a month payment offers no additional mortgage protection plan.  If something were to happen to Danny, like sudden illness or death, his family could be at risk of losing their home.

There is a better solution.

Refer Danny to us.

We will help Danny make a better financial strategy where he can pay his 30 year mortgage in 20 years and protect his real estate investment with only $275 a month, instead of the additional $445 a month discussed earlier.

As stated before, Danny is buying a home with a sales price of $275,000.  He gave 20% down and now has a 30 year mortgage with a balance of $220,000.  If Danny pays his regular mortgage payments, in 20 years his mortgage balance would be $106,845.

Now, instead of Danny paying the mortgage company an additional $445 a month, we help Danny open a life & retirement plan account that yields an average interest of 6% a year, but that can go all the way up to 14% a year in interest.

When Danny puts $275 a month into his new account, with a 6% interest, in 20 years Danny will have a balance of $110,620 in his account.  At this time, he can withdraw his money from the retirement account – PENALTY FREE AND TAX FREE!! –  and pay off the remaining balance of his mortgage.

Yes….the withdrawal from the retirement account will be PENALTY FREE AND TAX FREE!!

You just helped Danny pay off his 20 year mortgage balance of $106,845, with only $66,000 from his own pocket.  That means you saved your client over $40,000.

It gets better.

Danny’s $275 monthly payments into his retirement account, also include a $220,000 life insurance policy. That means that if something were to happen to Danny within those 20 years, his family would receive the $220,000 life insurance money and be able to pay off the house.

With one solution, you have helped Danny strategize a realistic and achievable way of paying off his 30 year mortgage in just 20 years, plus you also provided your client peace of mind, knowing that if something were to happen to him, his family would secure their home.

This is the kind of value you can add to your real estate service, by just referring your clients to us.

In Danny’s case, you will also get a $495 referral fee from us, but depending on the case, your referral fee can be much higher.

There is also a strategy where you can get an upfront $1485 commission, and monthly residual commission for the lifetime of Danny’s policy.

With the new income you get from our referral fees, we can even help you set up your own TAX FREE retirement plan.

Danny’s example is with a first-time buyer, but this solution could benefit your past real estate clients as well.  So, this could be a great opportunity to call your established clients, provide a great solution to pay off their homes early, and make additional income from them.

In Danny’s case, he used our retirement savings account solution to help pay off his home early, but Danny could have used this money to remodel his home, or even buy another real estate investment property.

In Danny’s case he paid off his home in 20 years, but we have strategies were clients are paying their homes in 15, 10 and even 7 years.

We can also help real estate investors, business owners, and commercial buyers that are seeking to build cash accumulation value, write off a tax free retirement as a business expense, or those seeking asset protection from their own unexpected illness, or death.

Today, as buyers seek to find their perfect home, they are savvier than ever.  Separate yourself from the rest and offer them more.  Your clients will love that you are providing them a financial strategy to help them pay off their home early and protecting them in the event of an unexpected loss of income due to illness or death.

Help your clients secure their most valuable asset with a policy that offers full living benefits and cash accumulation along with a death benefit.

Happy clients mean more referrals as well !!

Partner with us and gain your client’s trust by showing them you value their assets and interests, while at the same time creating an additional stream of income through your referrals.

It would be an honor for us to schedule a meeting with you to provide the details of this financial solution.

Please call us at 407-344-1228.  You can also email us at [email protected].

Hurry, because to ensure quality of service to your clients, we will only partner up with 50 realtors this year.

Call us at 407-344-1228 or email us at [email protected].

God bless you.

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